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exStreamability Live & On-Demand 

We are now accepting film and video content for our Live and On-Demand television channels on Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android & Apple devices, and other streaming, web, and mobile platforms.

Ready To Make an Impact?

The world needs to hear your story. Whether your story makes them laugh, cry, or think it will have an impact on those who are watching and that is what exStreamability is all about.

Our Mission

It is our mission to create a hub for independent filmmakers and artists of all backgrounds in order to eradicate the myths and stereotypes used in Hollywood and Broadway to suppress the voices of underserved groups.

Making an Impact

It is our belief that there is extreme talent hidden in all of us. exStreamability strives to educate, entertain, and inspire individuals through films, and theater-making the industry more inclusive for individuals of all backgrounds, races, gender, and sex.

Company Culture

Culture is our middle name. At exStreamability, we thrive on being culturally aware and understanding that the values and practices of others are a thing to celebrated and showcased for us as human beings to get a better understanding of who we are. 

How It Works 


Submit a link to your film and/or video project and we will review and get back with you in a prompt manner. 

Prepare your film for distribution

If your film is considered for one of our networks we will move forward by requesting a copy of your video and or film file, artwork, and other relevant info about your film. Upon receiving the information from you we will begin preparing your film for the platforms it was selected for. 

Release Your Film

After we have completed all of the heavy lifting getting your film prepared for the marketplace we will begin to publish your film on various Streaming TV, Web, and mobile platforms in order to gain maximum exposure for your film. 

Perks & Benefits

Non Exclusive Agreement

Unless we agree otherwise our agreements with filmmakers and video producers are non-exclusive and allow you to place your film on any platform you choose.

Possible Stream of Income

Create another stream of income from your film through our profit-sharing program where the filmmakers take %50 of profits generated from the platform.

No Hidden Fees

We don’t look for ways to cook the books and fatten our pockets. It is our goal to see artists profit from their labor. 

Retain Your Rights

Were here to help. Unlike distributors of the past, we only license your film for an agreed-upon time. We are not looking to lock you and your film down by taking your rights for decades. 

No Upfront Cost

All we ask is that you take a little time to gather and digitally send us the requested deliverables and we take care of everything else. 

Great Exposure for Your Film or Video

Your film will be viewed by content-hungry viewers around the world across multiple platforms 24/7.

Coming Soon to a Device Near You

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